profiloCangemi Firm was founded in 1922 by Engineer Antonio Cangemi Senior.

In 1956 Engineer Antonio Cangemi Leto together with Architect Mariza Terrasi gave the company a new shape identifying it as a modern Engineering and Architecture Firm.

In 1986 Engineer Antonio Cangemi and Architect Agostino Cangemi joined the company.

In 1999, after the new public works regulation, the company finally turned into a Professional Corporation.

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Today (2014) the company counts three members: Engineer Antonio Cangemi, and Architects Agostino and M. Rosaria Cangemi.

At present the company activity is mainly focused on design and site supervision of civil works.

A significant number of the company works have been published, including

– a residential building placed in Palermo Via di Paternò (end of the 1950s)

– restoration and consolidation of Teatro Biondo placed in  Palermo (1970s)

–  Business District A.S.I. (Industrial Development Area) in Palermo ( 1990s)

Between 1970 and 1980 the company collaborated with Gino Pollini and Vittorio Gregotti to the construction design of Palermo University Science Departments. The company was also awarded the site supervision of the construction works.From the 1980s till 2004, in cooperation with the firm Gregotti Associati, the company executed several projects for the rehabilitation of the central district of the town of Menfi, in the province of Agrigento (City Hall, Federiciana Tower, Cathedral Matrice,  Square and urbanization works), developing the engineering part and supervising  the construction works.With regard to urban infrastructures (in particular, transportation and hydraulic engineering) and in cooperation with various professionals, the most significant works include:

Construction design of several lots of the following motorways in Sicily:

– Palermo-Catania,

– Palermo-Mazara del Vallo

– Catania-Siracusa

– Palermo ring road

Site supervision of most road works around Siracusa for A.S.I. . TAPSO s.p.a.

Construction supervision of the methane supply network of Sicily 22 area

Construction design of several Marinas and port facilities.

The company executed several integrated projects concerning studies, investigations, tests

etc, which include :

– consolidation work of the rocky spur above the town of Marineo (Palermo province),

– restructuring works of A.M.I.A parking site in Palermo ( Municipal Waste Collection Service ),

– restructuring works of the Children Hospital in Palermo.