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According to David Gonzalez, a Gartner analyst, the investment in functional technology has always been important for both shippers and their 3PLs, but “value-added” technology is becoming increasingly vital. For example, shippers should expect daily forecasts with 99% reliability with shipments of perishables. Industry insiders coming to grips with the dynamic changes shaping both the domestic and global third-party logistics marketplace have come to similar conclusions about the future. Regarding COVID-19, she says that so far it looks like much of the demand for goods is coming from larger shippers as many small- to medium-sized businesses struggle to reopen. We deliver specific solutions through strategic alliances with world-class partner to ensure a robust set of end-to-end solutions and to quickly gain capacity and capability for the benefit of our clients.

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Rich Logistics has more than 50 years of combined knowledge and service in the cargo management and expedited freight industry. FWF is a third-party logistics and transportation provider headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. We regularly receive inquiries from other logistics companies, but we stay with BlueGrace because they make us feel like we’re part of a team; looking out for our interests – a true partner. The move to Cloud-based technology is also making supply chain platforms more accessible for smaller 3PLs, says Jon Slangerup, CEO of American Global Logistics . He adds that modest-sized 3PLs like AGL are often naturally more agile than their enterprise counterparts, and still have the right tools to provide the shipper with a competitive edge against the big guys. Having one company coordinate all activity can lead to an onion-like structure of contracting and subcontracting that reduces visibility into who is actually carrying a company’s cargo at any point in time.

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The Port features an industrial airport , railport with direct switching from Union Pacific’s South San Yard and access to two class-1 railroads and a variety of industrial spaces within a foreign-trade zone (FTZ #80-10). Avoid disruptions and make smarter decisions to help ensure your products reach their destination—and your customers—on time. MY CHOICE GLOBAL managed ussexpress the shipping logistics needs of a diesel parts firm. The firm works with MY CHOICE GLOBAL to manage their LPL and international shipping matters. TPH Global Solutions developed an e-commerce website for a toy manufacturing company. Brauner International imported a nonprofit’s coffee from Nicaragua to Pittsburgh using their services as a US customs broker.

  • We are primarily engaged in International Air/Ocean Freight that caters distribution and logistics services to from the Philippines, Guam, Saipan, Los Angeles.
  • The #1 benefit of using our 3PL/4Pl services is our ability to scale space, labor and transportation needs in accordance with customers inventory needs through the seasonality changes that occur in every transportation vertical.
  • The list of the largest logistics companies in the world and service providers below aren’t ranked or rated in any way.
  • Freight brokerage, intermodal and drayage, last-mile distribution, and global forwarding are all areas where XPO operates.
  • For Evan Armstrong, the consultancy’s president, one of the chief takeaways from the firm’s most recent Top 50 global 3PL research was the dynamic role played the Asia Pacific in the global arena.

RCS Logistics is committed to helping our customers minimize the cost of doing business by consolidating vendor services. DHL allows companies to focus on their core business while they handle the process of cataloging and shipping their goods around the world.

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GXO Logistics saw revenue grow 19% to $2.3 billion during the fourth quarter of 2021, the company reported https://prurgent.com/2021-11-15/pressrelease472358.htm Feb. 15. As shippers and carriers work to adjust to the “new abnormal,” some of the industry’s top…

Launched in 1998, the team provides application management & support, IT managed services, IT strategy consulting, logistics & supply chain consulting, and more. Their team offers packaging design, contract manufacturing, logistics & supply chain consulting, and fulfillment. Based in Chicago, Ill., the team of nearly 300 employees offers end-to-end fulfillment services. Industrie Reply is a reply group company based in Chicago and founded in 1996. With over 1000 https://kellerlogistics.com/ employees, they offer CRM consulting, logistics and supply chain consulting, and warehousing and distribution solutions to various clients. Headquartered in Duluth Ga. and founded in 2008, LightSpeed Automation is a solutions company that provides fulfillment, warehousing, distribution, and content marketing services to mid market and small business companies. They have a team of 24 who work with clients in the consumer product and e-commerce industries.