These Are The Top Ten Employers In The Us

It operates nearly 3,000 stores in total across the United States. Founded in Cincinnati by Bernard Kroger, the chain expanded its reach by acquiring existing grocery chains in other parts of the country. The Jeff Bezos, “How I became a dot-com millionaire” story is a cliché now. He started in a garage and within a few years he was a millionaire.

  • The company also truly leads with a people-first mindset; this comes through in the company’s transparency, access to leadership, and the way decisions are made.
  • I love working for Cisco and hope to continue for a very long time.
  • Our goals are clear; expectations are set in a collaborative manner.
  • Of these, however, just 21,000 were salaried, with the vast majority working either hourly or only on a temporary basis.

However, UPS also has a hand in the broader logistics market and offers services to businesses seeking assistance with supply chain management. International Business Machines Corporation is a company with its hands in many pots. IBM holds more patents than any other U.S. business, credited with inventing the ATM, the hard disk, the magnetic stripe card, and SQL programming language among other innovations. IBM is a manufacturer of both hardware and software and a provider of IT services in addition to its role in technology research. The company owns an array of other businesses, including PwC Consulting and The Weather Company. Target also known as Target Corporations is the eighth-largest private employer in the US with 347,000 employees.

Sammons Financial Group

This new service teaches Mandarin to children between 5 to 12 years old. Visa INC is a global payments technology company working to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency. Highest number of Credit Cards in the world are from Visa company and second place is occupied by Master Card. Below are the 500 largest companies by revenue in 2020, according to the Fortune 500 list, also including tax inversion companies.

top us employers

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is a company operating a worldwide online payment system. Providing an electronic alternative to traditional checks and money orders, Paypal helps online vendors and commercial users by supporting online money transfers in exchange for a fee.

The World’s Largest Employers

The leaders have a genuine interest in employees’ engagement and enjoyment of work. I feel all the leaders I have worked for genuinely cared about me and my peers as a person. It is the only company in this size I know with this strong an employee focus. Our Employee Resource Groups are a pivotal part of employees having a place to feel included or participate in meaningful ways to the causes that are important to them.

top us employers

There are also corporations having foundation in the United States, such as corporate headquarters, operational headquarters and independent uss express work from home subsidiaries. Perhaps the most iconic fast food restaurant in the world, McDonald’s has more than 37,000 locations worldwide.